Who was that anonymous rocker on ''Real World''? EW speculates on the man behind that infamously blurred Big Head

Todd Park Mohr, The Real World
Credit: Todd Parker Mohr: Steve Eichner/Retna

Recently on ”Real World Chicago,” Cara approached a rocker, kissed him, and joined him in a hotel room. MTV blurred his face. Who is he?
The net ain’t talking, but there’s speculation it’s Todd Park Mohr (inset) of Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Besides a resemblance, there’s circumstantial evidence: On ”World,” the stealth stud dons an Albums on the Hill record store T-shirt from the band’s base, Boulder, Colo. ”I think it’s him,” says Albums’ Andy Schneidkraut. ”Those guys have had T-shirts of mine for years.” Mohr couldn’t be reached, and BHTM’s manager Mark Bliesener is mum: ”My comment is ‘no comment.”’

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