Janet Jackson's manager foils a backstage burglar. Plus, news about Steven Spielberg, Richard Hatch, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sheryl Crow, Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, Johnny Depp, Dee Snider, and others
Janet Jackson
Credit: Janet Jackson: Sante D'Orazio

LEGAL BRIEFS A nasty boy allegedly tried to burglarize Janet Jackson‘s dressing room Wednesday night while she was performing at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, N.Y. Mario Backman, 19, allegedly swiped some gifts other fans had left for the singer, including stuffed animals, a Fire Department of New York cap, and fan mail. But Jackson’s manager caught him before he could take the items home and auction them on eBay, and held him until the police arrived. He was arrested and charged with third-degree burglary, for which he faces a possible three to seven years behind bars….

Aspiring actor Christopher Hahn just wanted to get noticed, particularly by Steven Spielberg. That he did; after allegedly sneaking on the Universal Studios lot (where Spielberg’s DreamWorks compound is) some 20 times, he was caught by security guards on Jan. 11. Charged with misdemeanor trespassing and giving false information to a police officer, he pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and three years probation. Spielberg, however, still considered Hahn a threat — the 6-foot-2, 200-pound Hahn claims to have been a sparring partner for Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, and the day after his arrest, he allegedly turned up at a casting call for Spielberg’s ”Catch Me If You Can.” The director sought and was granted a restraining order that requires Hahn to keep 150 yards away from Spielberg for the next three years….

There were no rats and snakes at the superior court in Rhode Island this week, just lawyers and Richard Hatch, who successfully overturned his assault conviction on appeal. Last fall, the inaugural ”Survivor” champ was found guilty of shoving ex-boyfriend Glenn Boyanowski down the stairs outside Hatch’s home. But the higher court accepted Hatch’s argument that he was defending himself against an uninvited and dangerous intruder.

TROPHY TIME One thing not even Samantha has done on ”Sex and the City”: get kissed by two underage drag queens at once. That’s what Sarah Jessica Parker did yesterday as she was feted as woman of the year by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the drag drama club that is the nation’s oldest undergraduate stage troupe. Parker’s appearance came two days after the group was rocked by an embezzlement scandal; seniors Suzanne Pomey and Randy Gomes pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to larceny charges for allegedly swiping $91,000 from the club coffers.

None of that was allowed to spoil the roasting of Parker. After being bussed on both cheeks by bewigged drama queens during a parade through Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass., Parker picked up her pudding-pot trophy, but not before the Pudding pashas dragged her down memory lane, making her sing ”Tomorrow” from ”Annie” (in which she made her Broadway debut as a child) and kick off her Sunday shoes to dance to songs from ”Footloose.” ”I really believe this is the highest honor in the land,” she said. ”I feel there is nothing else I have to do in life now. This is the pinnacle.” On stage at the Pudding’s theater, she whipped out a camera to shoot the roasters and the pit orchestra, saying, ”I’m documenting my experience at Harvard since it’s the last time I’ll ever be here.” One shudders to think at what they’ll make Bruce Willis do when he comes to campus for the man of the year trophy next week….

The Writers Guild of America awards have about an 80 percent track record when it comes to picking Oscar winners, though this year’s WGA results will offer a skewed prediction, as two of the screenplays everyone else considered among 2001’s best are ineligible for WGA recognition. The union wouldn’t consider the scripts for ”In the Bedroom” and ”Memento” because those low-budget productions weren’t Guild signatories. Those that are up for consideration were named yesterday. Nominees for best original screenplay are ”Gosford Park,” ”The Man Who Wasn’t There,” ”Monster’s Ball,” ”Moulin Rouge,” and ”The Royal Tenenbaums.” For best adapted screenplay, the nominees are ”A Beautiful Mind,” ”Black Hawk Down,” ”Bridget Jones’s Diary,” ”Ghost World,” and ”The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” Winners of the 54th annual WGA awards will be named in a simultaneous ceremony taking place March 2 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills and the Pierre Hotel in New York….

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