Big and Carrie are romantic in Central Park. Miranda has her baby, Samantha loses her stud, and everyone loves New York again -- it must be the season finale, says Jessica Shaw
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Big and Carrie are romantic in Central Park

Remember that season finale a couple of years ago when Big got engaged and Carrie saw him with his fiancée and it was all ”The Way We Were” and you thought there would never be a better episode of television ever again? Well, this week’s episode may not have been as perfect, but there must be something about the ingredients of Big, Carrie, and a finale that make such a recipe for success, or rather, ”Sex”-cess. (And, frankly, after the past few weeks of mediocrity, the Westminster Dog Show would have been a welcome change).

Of course, beyond all the love, drama, birthing, and bad dates, the tribute to New York City was inspired and beyond heartwarming. (Interestingly enough, the episode was written before Sept. 11). There is no passion like what New Yorkers feel for their city and that unconditional adoration was perfectly conveyed — whether through Carrie’s cheesy horse ride through Central Park, Samantha’s sidewalk stalking of Richard, or the about-to-pop Miranda hailing a cab to the hospital. They heart New York and it showed. But back to the love, drama, birthing, and bad dates.

First of all, why did it have to end that way between Richard and Samantha? It was extremely disturbing to see Samantha in paranoid-freaky-woman mode — even if it ended up being justifiable. Of course, it was more disturbing to see the shot of Richard, uh, ensuring that Sam would never take him back. How very we’re-on-cable of them. Guess next season Sam will be back trolling for single men, but at least she’ll have Charlotte to keep her company. Why is Charlotte such a magnet for damaged men? Hello, Mr. Daytime-MoMA-stalker, you should be psyched your date has such swanky digs on Park Ave.!

As for the big finale birth, it was a little underwhelming… especially after such a risque shot of Richard and girl-of-the-minute. What baby comes out after a push and a half looking all perfect and clean and adorable? Not that we needed a medical documentary, but come on! Even so, Miranda’s look of shock, elation, terror, relief, and love almost made up for those fart jokes a few episodes back. Hopefully, there won’t be too much diaper-changing dialogue next season.

Ah, next season. Hard to believe Big won’t be around. Actually, harder to believe Big will stay in Napa, so the eulogy for that tormented relationship will not be written yet. You don’t take an unbelievably romantic ride around Central Park with your on again-off again-on again-off again love and then move 2,500 miles away. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s not ”Sex in the Airplane.” It’s not ”Sex over the Internet.” It’s not even ”Sex in the Vineyard.” Well, with Big gone (for now), Richard, Aidan, and Trey out of the picture, and baby Brady in the picture, next season could be very interesting. Set your Tivo: 84 days and counting.

How did you like ”Sex”’s finale?

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