Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, ...
Credit: The Sweetest Thing: Suzanne Tenner

Fed up with love, a young woman (Diaz) must get back on the horse — the horse, in this case, being ”61*” ‘s Thomas Jane. Helping her into the stirrups is a friend (Applegate) who suggests the obligatory road trip. But don’t be fooled by the seeming clichés. ”It’s not ‘You’ve Got Mail,”’ avers Applegate. ”You’re not going to see a sweet romantic comedy.” Director Roger Kumble (”Cruel Intentions”) elaborates: ”There are a lot of outrageous things that women have never done in a movie…. Put it this way: Cameron’s character doesn’t know what a glory hole is.”

Um…we don’t either. What is it? ”I’m not going to tell you,” he says, then lets slip a hint. ”Chicks going to a disgusting truck-stop bathroom, and [using] the men’s room because they can’t use the women’s room. ”Hmmm… Applegate confirms that the mood is more Farrelly brothers than Ephron sisters, but won’t elaborate on the ”glory hole” business either: ”It’s one of those moments that’s best left unsaid.” She also notes that there’s no violence or nudity in the movie. ”There is some cursing,” she says. ”That should be our whole publicity campaign: ‘There’s some cursing. There’s a glory hole.’ ”

The Sweetest Thing
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