Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil
Credit: Resident Evil: Rolf Konow

It’s a terrifying idea, that your friends and loved ones come back from the dead and want to eat you alive,” says director Anderson. Tell us about it! Such zombie zaniness is at the heart of this adaptation of the best-selling videogame series. While ”Night of the Living Dead”’s George Romero was once attached, Anderson possesses solid credentials (he also directed the arcade-inspired ”Mortal Kombat”). His $40 million vision? Jovovich leads a hit squad into an underground lab where a zombie virus is on the loose. Horror fans should anticipate ” a couple of fantastic decapitations,” says Anderson, as well as ”undead Dobermans with some flesh hanging off of them.”

Meanwhile, expect ghoulish drooling over Jovovich, who describes her character as a ”hot chick in a miniskirt.” But stalkers beware: ”I’ve gotten a bad habit of shooting guns now,” she says. ”Indoor shooting range, of course. I really love guns.” Finally, a film that freaks and geeks and NRA members can enjoy.

Resident Evil
  • Movie
  • 100 minutes