Sandra Bullock, Murder by Numbers
Credit: Murder by Numbers: Melissa Moseley
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Don’t look for Bullock to snort, guffaw, or pratfall this time around. ”If you’re going to take the plunge,” says the actress, who’s also executive producer, ”take it as dramatically as possible.” Bullock plays a troubled forensics specialist on the trail of two men (Gosling and Pitt) who believe they’ve committed the perfect murder. ”On the outside, she looks very tough,” Schroeder says of Bullock’s character. ”But in reality, she’s hiding something very complex and fragile.” That secret twists her take on the investigation.

”What it comes down to is, if people don’t deal with traumas in life, and push them way back in the recesses of the mind, they’re going to show up every place else, whether they like it or not,” Bullock says. ”It taints everything she touches.” Bullock pored over forensics books and FBI transcripts to learn the technology of criminal science, but she swears the flashiest action will take place in moviegoers’ heads. ”It’s a mind game,” she says, ”which if you pull off properly is always so much fun to watch.”

Murder by Numbers
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