Ashley Judd, James Caviezel, ...
Credit: High Crimes: Ron Phillips

Military tribunals may be a subject of controversy in Washington, D.C., at the moment, but they’ll always have a home in Hollywood. In this latest addition to the genre, Judd plays an Army attorney who defends her husband (Caviezel) when he’s accused of committing war atrocities in El Salvador. ”It’s more of a thriller than a courtroom drama, since we really don’t spend all that much time at the trial,” elaborates Freeman, who’s reuniting with his ”Kiss the Girls” costar to play her cranky co-counsel. ” But I do get to take out a few witnesses.”

He gave the director a hard time as well, at least until Judd explained to Franklin (”Devil in a Blue Dress”) how best to handle the actor. ”Carl was a little in awe and didn’t know how to deal with him,” she explains. ”So I told Carl that if he wanted Morgan to play a cantankerous hellion, then he should call him to the set 15 minutes before the cameras were ready and make him wait there on his mark. He’d get the character he wanted.”

High Crimes
  • Movie
  • 115 minutes