Kevin Costner, Dragonfly
Credit: Dragonfly: Ralph Nelson

Oscar winners Costner, Bates, and Hunt join forces in a supernatural drama…from the director of ”Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”! The story follows a grieving widower (Costner) who believes his wife is communicating with him through the near-death experiences of her pediatric cancer patients. Next-door neighbor Miriam (Bates) ”thinks he’s fabricating these things and it’s getting psychotic,” says the actress. ”She’s trying to keep him from straying into Wonderland.”

And how did Shadyac take on such an otherworldly project? ”I’d been taking steps toward this [with ‘Patch Adams’],” the director says. ”And the story moved me — when I told friends about it I couldn’t not get goose bumps.” When Shadyac journeyed to Costner’s Aspen ranch, he knew he’d found his haunted spouse. ”I needed [an actor] who was truly mature,” he says. ”And I saw that Kevin had had a really full life.”

The director dismisses concerns that ”Dragonfly” will open SOA (swatted on arrival), thanks to January’s similar ”The Mothman Prophecies”: ”’Dragonfly’ isn’t a horror film, it’s an eerie film. Our stories are just different, and the audience will decide if it’s better.”

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  • 104 minutes