Chris Klein, Rollerball
Credit: Attila Dory

Okay, we get the idea that sci-fi films are supposed to take place in the future. But maybe MGM’s been taking that concept a little too seriously, since the release date of this remake of James Caan’s 1975 death-sport actioner has been pushed around like a tackling dummy. Originally scheduled for last August, ”Rollerball” stars Klein as a hunky loner who excels in a rock ’em?sock ’em arena sport where motorcycle-riding thugs pop wheelies and jawbones. ”I wasn’t even alive when the first ‘Rollerball’ came out,” says the 22-year-old actor, ”but it’s a killer film. For that time, it was the brink, so we’ve got a big challenge.” It may be bigger than he thinks. Norman Jewison, who helmed the original, has reportedly bad-mouthed the new version. And after director McTiernan (”Die Hard,” ”The Hunt for Red October”) screened an early cut of the remake for ”Ain’t It Cool News”’ Harry Knowles — which the Internet movie guru proceeded to savage on his website — studio execs asked McTiernan to trim the movie’s violence and nudity in order to earn a PG-13. In other words, we’ll be seeing a lot less of Romijn-Stamos, who stripped down in a once-touted sauna scene. Not that she minds keeping her clothes on. ”I mean, everyone’s already seen that side of me,” the sometime swimsuit model says. ”They know what I look like.”

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