Britney Spears considers college. Plus, news about Rob Schneider, Crispin Glover, Catherine Zeta-Jones, ''Friends,'' U2, Nathan Lane, Eriq La Salle, Shannen Doherty, Meg Ryan, and others
Britney Spears
Credit: Britney Spears: Bavarel/MITI/VISUAL/ZUMA Press

SOUND BITE ”My love for New Yorkers right now is indefinite,” said Britney Spears yesterday. The pop star, who donated $1 from every ticket sold on her recent tour to Sept. 11 relief efforts, was in Manhattan yesterday to accept Cosmopolitan magazine’s ”Fun Fearless Female” of the year award. Right now, the most fearless thing the sexpot singer could do would be to pause at the height of her career and go to college, which she said she was considering. ”I’ve really, really been thinking about doing that,” said the former Mousketeer, who was home-schooled since she was nine. ”I thought, maybe when I finished this movie [”Crossroads”], I could explore it.” Here’s a tip, Britney, if you’re taking the SATs: ”indefinite” is not a synonym for ”infinite.”

REEL DEALS Catherine Zeta-Jones won’t have to shop for makeup or perfume for a while. She’ll be the face of Elizabeth Arden for the next four years, in a deal said to be worth more than $1 million per year. Said the ”America’s Sweethearts” star, ”As Miss Arden said, ‘to be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman.”’ At least until you’re 36, which is how old Zeta-Jones will be when her contract runs out. Then you’re on your own, baby….

The current mini-vogue for movie musicals, which includes Zeta-Jones’ upcoming ”Chicago” and last year’s ”Moulin Rouge,” has led USA Films to prepare an adaptation of the long-running Broadway show ”Contact.” Director/choreographer Susan Stroman, who won a Tony for her work on ”Contact” and two for her work on ”The Producers,” will make her film directing debut. The movie will have more dialogue than the stage version, which tells three stories almost entirely through dance….

Few but imaginary critic David Manning may have loved Rob Schneider‘s last comedy, ”The Animal,” but his next one has a promising title: ”The Adventures of Sinbad the Insurance Salesman.” It also has a promising screenwriter: ”The Simpsons” scribe Mike Reiss. Schneider is attached to star as a lonely claims adjuster who meets the woman of his dreams….

Creepy Crispin Glover, whose immortal sequence in ”Wild at Heart” showed cockroaches crawling around in his underwear, seems a natural casting choice for New Line’s remake of ”Willard,” the 1971 horror cult favorite about a rat-loving recluse who uses his rampaging horde of rodents to wreak revenge. Scripting the adaptation are former ”X-Files” writers James Wong and Glen Morgan.

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