Stephanie and Triple H -- pregnant or finished? The suspense is interesting, says Mike Flaherty, but this storyline has mostly run its course
Stephanie McMahon, WWE Raw Is War

Stephanie and Triple H — pregnant or finished?

For all of the spectacle that greeted Triple H’s return to the WWF this past month, his most entertaining (and promising) moments have occurred backstage, as he and wife Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, the squared circle’s preeminent power couple, have been weathering some rough times. Simply watching his exasperated demeanor while the billion-dollar princess shrieked at him about what he should do, whom he should destroy, and how important she’s been to his success has been a nice comedic pop for the past few weeks.

After her interference cost him a match last week, he blew up, tossing her out of their dressing room. So, their love on the rocks (ain’t no surprise), an increasingly desperate Stephanie promised a big announcement on Monday night’s ”RAW” (Mondays, 9 p.m., TNN). As it turned out, she took the occasion of the WWF’s return to Las Vegas (the city where Triple H had drugged her and dragged her to a drive-in wedding chapel…how romantic) to announce that she and Triple H would be renewing their vows. Trouble was, her perpetually scowling spouse wasn’t having it. Then, as she broke down sobbing and he was about to leave the ring, she desperately blurted out that she’s pregnant.

As TV drama and soap opera have taught us, she’s almost certainly lying, her ”confession” nothing more than a last-ditch effort to save their marriage. Just as likely is that, when Triple H learns of her manipulation, the pair will be kaput. And, as Diamond Dallas Page would say, that’s a good thing.

Ever since the sparring newlyweds’ 1999 reign over the WWF (remember the ”McMahon Helmsley era”?), they’ve been a solid source of comedy, the Ralph and Alice Kramden of the squared circle. But with Triple H’s return last month, the shtick seemed to have run its course. Kudos to the bookers for knowing when to cut the cord on this angle.

The more interesting question is, what next? After the couple’s inevitable implosion (which promises to be a hoot), the arrival of the NWO and the WWF’s impending split into two promotions, there’s no telling where the two will end up. And that, of course, is why we watch.

Where do you think Steph and Hunter go from here?

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