Dr. Dre says Eminem's new album is more grown up! His newest CD that is set to hit stores in April will feature a mature Mathers
Credit: Eminem Illustration by Tim Bower

by Rob Brunner and Tom Sinclair

Could Eminem be growing up? That’s the early word on his upcoming album, at least according to mentor/producer Dr. Dre. ”It’s a lot more serious this time,” says the good Dr. ”There’s not as much playful stuff on it.” Dre also tells us that the new CD is titled ”The Eminem Show” and could be out as soon as April. ”I’m gonna finish up his project soon,” he says. But while he may be less juvenile, don’t expect easy listening. ”It’s crazy,” says Dre of the album. ”It’s him being him.”

The Eminem Show
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