Where has all the sex talk (and action) gone? Jessica Shaw tells the producers to bring back what gives the show its name: Sex and... New York City

By Jessica Shaw
Updated February 04, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST
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Credit: Sex and the City: Craig Blankenhorn

Where has all the sex talk (and action) gone?

Did it seem like everyone was going through the motions on this week’s episode of ”Sex and the City” or was that just me? It was as if the script had written directions like ”Charlotte: Act as whiny as possible; Miranda: Act as intolerant as possible; Carrie: Act as gullible as possible.” At least Samantha still seemed to find some interesting way to get through this predictable script.

And beyond the mediocre acting, let’s take a moment to recap why we watch ”Sex and the City.” Sex. The City. Nowhere in that title or on our wish list of topics to be addressed is sexual harassment at the office, baby shower gifts, stork centerpieces, or horrific professional experiences. And yet, this was more like a ”Tales from the Dark Side” episode. The characters looked the same, dressed the same, but they were living in an annoyingly realistic world that I, for one, would rather not acknowledge — at least not on Sunday night.

Random non-sequitur: Love — LOVE — Carrie’s new hair.

Back to the vent fest. The whole concept of father figures was a great one to address. Any woman reading this right now knows a daughter-father relationship is among the more complex ones. But it would have been far more interesting to see Carrie run into her own deadbeat dad or hear from Miranda’s doting dad about how he feels about being a grandfather. This isn’t the Oxygen Network, so it’s not like we want to see dysfunctional family dynamics played out before our eyes, but if the writers were going to go there, then they should have really gone there. Let’s just say the sight of Julian in his ”Armanis” was almost enough to put me off television forever. And how are we ever supposed to go back to ”Alias” now that we’ve seen Sloane play a lecherous, morning-drinking fashion magazine editor who calls women ”Cookie.” Of course, it would be great to have an episode crossover. I’d love to see Sidney hear herself addressed as ”Cookie” and then kick his cookies.

The addition of Julian and Enid (played with pitch-perfect bitchiness by Candace Bergen) also took away from some good coffee table talk between these four friends. It’s getting harder and harder to believe these women actually like each other. Not since Miranda (who, by the way, went from one month to six months pregnant in one week) decided to keep her baby and all four gathered at her apartment has there been a genuinely touching moment of sisterly bonding. Hell, there hasn’t even been any good sex talk.

Next week is the final episode of this bonus season. Let’s be hopeful the last couple of episodes were just post-Golden-Globe-victory missteps. The season, after all, started strong. We need enough friend bonding, sex, New York street shots, good shoes, ridiculous outfits, and thirtysomething drama to tide us over until the next season begins. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long dry winter.

What’s missing from ”Sex and the City”’s bonus season?

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