They wear skimpy bathing suits and get all wet; explains this and other Super Bowl-night surprises

By Jessica Shaw
February 01, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST
Fear Factor: Chris Haston

It was a long, grueling day of casting for ”Fear Factor” executive producer Matt Kunitz. He had to sit in the Beverly Hills offices of Playboy Enterprises and meet Playmate after Playmate to determine which of the 30 beauties auditioning was best endowed with fearlessness, a sense of humor, and a willingness to try anything. At least that’s how he tells it.

”It’s the job and it wasn’t so easy,” Kunitz insists. ”We had to find Playmates who had guts and determination and knew about the show and really wanted to do the stunts.”

Finding the Playmates wasn’t as much of a problem as convincing Hef to let his harem join the ranks of contestants who’ve chewed sheep’s eyes, walked out on plane wings, and gotten chased by attack dogs. ”He was worried about their image if they had to participate in any of the gross parts of the show,” Kunitz says. ”We told him we weren’t looking to make fun of the Playmates but we wouldn’t make it any easier either.” Still, Hef got his way and there will be no imbibing or blood or eating odd animal organs.

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