The gals get naughty to even the score. In return, says Dalton Ross, their boyfriends realize that if you're gonna play, you're gonna pay
Temptation Island
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The gals get naughty to even the score

Guys are dogs. We told you that a few weeks ago after watching Edmundo and Tommy act like Sleaze and Sleazier behind their girlfriends’ backs. Well, now it seems the poor little dogs are finally running with their tails between their legs.

They did it all, Edmundo and Tommy: They demanded lap dances, they commanded co-ed naked toothbrushing sessions, they basically made complete fools of themselves (and fans of us). But then their girlfriends caught wind of their antics. The girls could have lamed out and played the role of victim, wallowing in their own self-pity, but to their credit, they stole a page out of the book of shamlessness and started their own little risqué review. Catherine let some cheeseball named Brian squeeze her ass repeatedly on the beach while Nikkole seemingly went all the way with a kinder, gentler (we presume) Tommy.

All of which made me say, ”Right on! You go, girl.” Okay, I didn’t really say, ”You go, girl.” I swear. But I did think it was pretty cool of them. That said, let’s not make heroes of them. After all, Catherine has an outstanding warrant for her arrest issued by the makeup police some time ago, and she also sports a really tacky boob job. But still, seeing her and Nikkole get their own fun in the sun in response to their own boyfriends’ infidelity was kinda righteous.

So this week’s episode had the dynamic duo of Edmundo and Tommy reacting to seeing their girlfriends in compromising positions (assuming you consider seeing your girlie get smushed into the mattress by a big New York firefighter compromising), and the results were telling. Perhaps sensing they may have been taking their gals for granted, ET (Edmundo and Tommy, not the cute little alien with the glowing finger) pronounced themselves changed men. Edmundo acted as if he was ready for his unlimited booty fest to end, proclaiming himself ”ready to face reality.” Tommy similarly toned down his act, explaining his conflicting emotions to John while taking great pains to utilize the word ”dude” as often as possible.

Contrast this to their newly empowered girlfriends, who after watching their beaus act naughty at Bonfire reacted with flat comments like ”It’s so weird. I really feel fine” (Nikkole). (Of course, through all this we’re not counting edge-of-a-nervous-breakdown-Shannon, who watched boyfriend John caress a slutty single and in vintage denial mode responded that she ”felt bad for her,” and that ”I saw great footage. I’m really happy.” And we’re really happy FOR you, my dear mental case.) Naturally, Catherine did proclaim some amount of sorrow, exclaiming that she was ”a little disappointed because I’m dating an idiot right now.” That’s a valid point, but it leads one to ask, How would her status really change if she finally ditched Eazy-E for the like of that clown Rossi? Just something to ponder.

The hilariously lame ’80s hair metal band Cinderella had some power ballad called ”Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone.” We’re not suggesting Edmundo and Tommy are metalheads (although if they are, that too would be pretty sweet), but said ballad seems to be the soundtrack to their life right about now. They’ve dissed and dismissed their girlies for what seems like an eternity, but now it seems they’ll be in the position of begging them to throw ’em just one last bone. Woof. Woof.

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