Ah-nuld's ''Collateral Damage'' should clean up. ''Rollerball'' and ''Big Fat Liar'' will also have strong openings
Francesca Neri, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ...

He hasn’t had a No. 1 film in almost five years, but former box office heavyweight Arnold Schwarzenegger is gunning to knock ”Black Hawk Down” from its perch this weekend.

Schwarzenegger’s latest entry, the terrorism thriller ”Collateral Damage,” which was postponed from its October 2001 release date after the World Trade Center attacks, is finally hitting theaters this weekend. And though its performance probably won’t match the mega-openings of Arnold’s past, it should manage to top the charts. Schwarzenegger’s last film, 2000’s cloning drama ”The 6th Day,” only ended up grossing $34.5 million, but it did enjoy a $13 million debut. And Arnold’s been stumping for this one so hard, he’s done everything but buy my movie ticket for me. So look for him to do about the same amount of ”Damage” this weekend.

Strangely, the other high-profile new release is also an action thriller, the remake of ”Rollerball” starring Chris Klein, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, and L.L. Cool J. While both films will be going after the action audience, ”Rollerball” should fare better at attracting younger fans, thanks to its hot cast. But this film has also been delayed to allow for reshoots after it received poor early reviews, so the buzz could certainly be better. Still, much Super Bowl weekend hype should lead to an $11 million debut.

The third opening is the Frankie Muniz comedy ”Big Fat Liar,” in which the ”Malcolm in the Middle” star plays a school kid whose short story gets stolen by a movie producer (Paul Giamatti). Without any tried and true stars (or many strong reviews), this one should only manage an $8 million opening.

Rounding out the top five will be last week’s top two films: ”Black Hawk Down,” which could drop another 35 percent to $7 million as in gets ever closer to the $100 million mark, and the family comedy ”Snow Dogs,” which will bring in another $6 million or so. Looks like these dogs have any many lives as the average cat.

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