The latest news about ''Buffy'' -- Producer Marti Noxon talks about going to DVD, Sarah Michelle Gellar's new 'do, and storylines you'll never see
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A vampire slayer gets no respect, so why should her fans? DVDs of ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” have been available in Europe and Australia for years (VHS versions of season five are already on sale in the UK), yet America’s slayer buffs had to wait until last week for season one to make its DVD debut. Not that they weren’t thrilled, but why the delay? A spokesman at 20th Century Fox TV (the studio behind the UPN hit) cryptically blames ”different release patterns” for the delay.

That’s not much in the way of consolation — then again, even ”Buffy”’s creators can’t score DVDs. ”They don’t send us copies,” laughs executive producer Marti Noxon. ”And we have a pretty limited say as far as what episodes are released and when.” Luckily, Noxon has plenty of say about everything else. She talked to about discarded storylines, steamy sex, and the new series that may one day fill ”Buffy”’s high heels.

Now that the first season is out on DVD, can you tell us about storylines that never made the cut?
Actually, there were a lot of things we were going to do and never did. More recently, in season four, Maggie (Lindsay Crouse) was going to be much more of a mother figure for Riley, introducing him to another girl to lure him away from Buffy. We thought it would create some Shakespearean jealousy, and then we went, ehhh, forget it. But most of the changes [throughout the series] have had to do with actors coming and going. We had a lot more planned for Seth Green (Oz), for example, but his departure [to do films] opened the door for Tara (Amber Benson), which was something we never expected. And there would have been far more Angel-Buffy angst if he hadn’t gotten his own show.

Speaking of Angel and Buffy, will there ever be another crossover? If David E. Kelly can jump networks [”Ally McBeal” and ”The Practice”], why can’t you?
It’s not gonna happen, and it’s not only a contractual issue. Even if it boosted our ratings for one night, viewers might say, ”Hey, what about that Angel guy? I wonder what he’s up to on that other network?” which would be a problem for UPN. I don’t think there’s any bad blood, but I also don’t think either UPN or the WB are looking to do each other a favor.

Was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s haircut really a big deal?
No, not really. She came to us and said she wanted to do it, and we were fine with that. It’s not like our audience is completely attached to the hair. And I like it. I think it makes her look kinda kicky.

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