Alex Witchel, Me Times Three

Me Times Three


Me Times Three is another story about a single gal in the Big City, seeking a husband who will whisk her off and impregnate her in a posh New York City suburb. At least for the first 30 pages or so. Then it’s another novel about a sassy single gal and her gay best friend. Then it’s a finding-love-when-you-least-expected-it story. In any incarnation, the tale of Sandra Berlin, a women’s-magazine editor who discovers her fiancé has triple-dipped, is more often than not reminiscent of books like ”Bridget Jones’s Diary” or shows like ”Sex and the City.” (New York Times style reporter Witchel actually culled bits from her own life for inspiration.) That said, it boasts the qualities that make both those titles such fun: an intelligent, snappy heroine, goofy supporting characters, sharp dialogue, and some genuinely touching moments. If you want another story about any of the above topics, look no further.

Me Times Three
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