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Tom Cruise
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Ghost Soldiers

REEL DEALS Tom Cruise apparently can’t wait to work again with Steven Spielberg, who directed him in the just-wrapped ”Minority Report.” He’ll rejoin Spielberg to star in and coproduce the director’s next World War II project, ”Ghost Soldiers.” The movie will be based on Hampton Sides’ book about American survivors of the Bataan death march, who then endured three years in a Japanese prison camp….

The race between the dueling Howard Hughes biopics is heating up. Martin Scorsese plans to direct his ”Gangs of New York” star Leonardo DiCaprio in a Hughes film this fall, with ”Ali” director Michael Mann producing, and they already have a screenplay by John Logan (”Gladiator”). Mann and DiCaprio have spent years developing a movie about the aviation mogul/Hollywood player/world-class eccentric, and the project will apparently jump ahead of the Alexander the Great bio that Scorsese and DiCaprio plan to make. It may also get the jump on the Hughes bio planned for Jim Carrey, which ”Memento”’s Christopher Nolan is set to direct but has yet to write….

Nicolas Cage has signed on to star in and produce what he hopes will become a franchise, playing a military prosecutor in ”Secret Sanction.” Based on the first in a series of six novels by Brian Haig (son of Alexander Haig, the former U.S. Secretary of State), the film will be written by Cage’s ”Windtalkers” screenwriters, John Rice and Joe Batteer….

Not only has the war on terrorism inspired Sylvester Stallone to pitch a new ”Rambo” movie, but he wants to resurrect Rocky Balboa as well. ”It’s unlikely either my ‘Rocky’ or my ‘Rambo’ picture will get made,” he told London’s Mirror tabloid. ”What I did suggest was to have Rambo go into Afghanistan [as he did in ‘Rambo III’] and rescue five girls.” Nothing more ambitious? ”It would have been too much to have Rambo go in and kill Osama bin Laden, I suppose. It would be an insult to every military guy. This time I don’t see Rambo going it alone.” As for a possible ”Rocky 6,” the 55-year-old actor said, ”I would love to have one more shot at getting that right, even if people say I am a little old for it, and I know I’d have fun trying”….

No man is an island, and certainly not the man who plays Riker. Jonathan Frakes aims to prove there’s more to him than ”Star Trek,” and he’ll get his chance directing and producing ”Illusion,” a thriller pitched as a cross between ”F/X” and ”The Fugitive.” Frakes, who directed the last two ”Trek” movies and several episodes of ”Roswell,” has been nicknamed ”Two-Takes Frakes” for his efficient shoots.

Ghost Soldiers
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