EW.com previews the newest pop movies aimed at the ''TRL'' set
Mandy Moore, A Walk to Remember

Do platinum albums translate into box office clout? Not necessarily, if ‘N Sync’s ”On the Line” and Mariah Carey’s already-infamous ”Glitter” are any indications. Nevertheless, ”TRL” icons Britney Spears, Eminem, and Mandy Moore are headed to movie theaters, hoping to buck the trend of recent popstar flops (along with such ghosts of crossovers past as Vanilla Ice’s ”Cool as Ice”). ”There really is a limited appeal for a movie whose primary draw is a musician as the star,” says ReelSource box office analyst Adam Farasati. Sure, but with ready-made audiences and the possibility of another ”The Bodyguard” or ”Purple Rain” in mind, studios are still trying to serve moviegoers pop with their popcorn. Here’s a look at the coming crop.

Mandy Moore in ”A Walk to Remember” (January 25)

Character name Jamie Sullivan
Dyes hair brown? Yup.
The story Moore is lip-gloss free as a brainy, unpopular, Bible-toting minister’s daughter who falls in love with one of the cool kids (Shane West). The pair’s relationship blossoms; then tragedy strikes and tears flow.
Ad Tagline ”Take a risk. Dare to move. Love is a leap of faith.”
Sample Mandy dialogue ”How can you see places like this, have moments like this and not have faith? It’s like the wind. I can’t see it, but I can feel it!”
Soundtrack album Includes Moore’s ballad ”Cry” and three other Mandy contributions, but the rest is by other artists, including New Radicals.
Movie’s trading price on the Hollywood Stock Exchange as of January 18: $22.24
Mandy’s own trading price (as a recording artist) $38.14
Prognosis ”It won’t flop,” says BoxOfficeGuru.com editor Gitesh Pandya, arguing that NFL football playoff season is the perfect time to release a movie aimed at young girls. But ReelSource’s Farasati says that the film’s audience is limited to young teens, and that ”chances for crossover are zero.”
Walk-outs and/or inappropriate laughter at a New York advance screening? Yes

8 Mile
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