We look forward to Norm MacDonald, John Lovitz, and Carolina Rhea all moving to new projects on the small screen

Also on TV’s ever-dynamic horizon in 2002:

THE SWEET SPOT (Comedy Central) Could anyone but Bill Murray get away with a show that’s just the actor and his brothers playing golf? It’s in the hole!

LEAP OF FAITH (NBC) Sex and the City scribe Jenny Bicks brings us a midseason comedy starring Sarah Paulson (American Gothic) as a 33-year-old woman who calls off her engagement to a wealthy lawyer; Saturday Night Live expat Tim Meadows plays her boss. Hey, it can’t be worse than Suddenly Susan.

THREE’S COMPANY PROJECT (NBC) Sure, the show aired on ABC, but as long as this dramatization of the slapstick sitcom’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans covers Suzanne Somers’ salary dispute and Richard Kline’s chest hair, we’re there.

THE DEAD ZONE(USA) Anthony Michael Hall stars as Stephen King’s psychic hero in a series based on the horrormeister’s wildly popular novel. UPN dumped the series after ordering it, but apparently USA felt it was cable-ready.

CONFESSIONS OF AN UGLY STEPSISTER (ABC) The Wonderful World of Disney offers us the Cinderella story from the perspective of one of her oft-maligned stepsisters (Azura Skye) and notorious stepmom (Stockard Channing), because ugly people have rights too.

THE CAROLINE RHEA SHOW (Syndicated) The comedian and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star takes over Rosie O’Donnell’s desk in her own daytime talk show. We’ll watch if Salem the talking cat is her first guest.

NORM MACDONALD & JON LOVITZ PROJECT (NBC) It’s an SNL family affair. Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison, pairs the smarmy stars as mismatched roommates.

THE BONNIE HUNT PROJECT (ABC) The always amusing—and underrated—Jerry Maguire star tries her hand at sitcomedy again (remember CBS’ The Bonnie Hunt Show? No?), this time as a TV host/working mom.

THE WAYNE BRADY SHOW (Buena Vista) After launching a successful variety show this summer, the singer/spot-on impressionist ventures into daytime TV to chat up celebs and bust up the audience with sketch comedy.

MOHR SPORTS (ESPN) Former SNL-er Jay Mohr (Action) hosts a weekly series that promises to mix Dennis Miller-style rants with hot sports topics. Beer sold separately.

MR. AMBASSADOR (NBC) My Best Friend’s Wedding star Rupert Everett as a pond-hopping British dignitary adjusting to life in D.C. Sounds like a jolly good time.

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