The Ramones singer was a huge fan of "Squawk Box" regular Maria Bartiromo

In her nine years on CNBC, anchor and Squawk Box regular Maria Bartiromo has gotten under many investors’ white collars. One unlikely fan of the 34-year-old ”Money Honey”: punk-rocker Joey Ramone, who died of lymphatic cancer last April at 49. His final album, Don’t Worry About Me, due Feb. 19, even includes a track titled ”Maria Bartiromo.” While singing about his portfolio of tech stocks like Yahoo! and, Ramone rhapsodizes: ”I watch you on the TV every single day/Those eyes make everything okay.” A flattered Bartiromo recalls exchanging e-mails with Ramone before his death: ”He was a true gentleman…[and] very intelligent about the market.” Sounds like Ramone should have renamed one of his classics: ”Gimme Gimme Stock Treatment!”