Celebrities like Liv Tyler and Christina Aguilera are doing their laundry in style

You know cocooning has reached new heights when doing laundry gets the luxe treatment. Designer cleaning products and bags make wash day something to look forward to. Christina Aguilera purchased an Anna Moi embroidered laundry sack ($38 at L.A.’s Jennifer Kaufman), and unlikely washerwomen Kate Moss and Liv Tyler picked up Tocca’s Laundry Delicate detergent ($12.50) for their fine washables. Bloom/Archive’s Prairie Chic detergents come in scents like ”rainwashed rhinestones” ($16-24); and Caldrea’s linen sprays ($10) come in aromatherapy-inspired white clover. Pioneering the new spin cycle is France’s L’Occitane, which produces Marseille laundry soap ($9) and the scented linen waters ($16 each at loccitane.com) favored by Courteney Cox and David Arquette. ”We used to be the only company making linen waters,” says L’Occitane’s Hollis Hillhouse, but with ”baby boomers maturing, having children, and skipping the discos, companies realize that people want products to beautify their homes.” It all comes out in the wash.