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TUBE TALK After nine years and 201 episodes, ”The X-Files” will be X’ed out. Series creator Chris Carter is pulling the plug, telling Variety, ”It’s the ninth inning. We wanted to go out on top. We wanted to go out as a strong show.” Of course, the show is not as strong as it once was, with ratings slipping this season, fans still grumbling about the absence of David Duchovny, and Carter and star Gillian Anderson publicly indicating their restlessness.

Carter said he would wrap up the series in May with a two-part finale, dangling the prospect of a Duchovny cameo and promising to resolve the show’s complex mythology once and for all. But that seems unlikely, given that a second ”X-Files” movie is in the works. ”The show’s afterlife will be strong,” Carter said. So the truth will probably still be out there….

Handbag designer Monica Lewinsky spoke at the TV critics’ gathering in Pasadena yesterday to promote the upcoming HBO documentary about her, ”Monica in Black and White.” The centerpiece of the film, which premieres on March 3, is a Q&A session with the celebrated memoirist and a group of college students. She also answered a few questions yesterday, telling reporters that the biggest misconception about her is ”that I sought this celebrity by seducing the president and going to the White House with an agenda and turning on him so all of this could happen, so I could enjoy it and cause trouble for this country and make millions of dollars and perpetuate my celebrity. And that I’m stupid.”

She also said that, while a dark sense of humor has helped her weather her travails, she finds jokes that make her name synonymous with a certain sexual practice hurtful. ”The ones that take my last name and equate that to something a lot of people in the world do is something really cruel,” she said. She was less forthcoming on other questions, explaining that she was trying not to spoil the movie’s revelations, suggesting that the film discusses things she was legally barred from talking about during her famous Barbara Walters interview a couple years ago. In other words, the documentary could be hard-hitting and not just a Lewin– er, a puff piece.

SOUND BITES Apparently, they’ve moved in, they like the neighborhood, and they’re staying. Creed occupied the top spot on the Billboard chart with ”Weathered” for the eighth week, the longest tenure there since ‘N Sync‘s ”Celebrity” a couple years ago. ”Weathered” was also the only CD this week to sell more than 100,000 units (it sold 137,925 copies, according to SoundScan). Other longtime residents included Linkin Park, whose ”Hybrid Theory” has been on the chart for 15 months without reaching No. 1 (it settled for second place for the third straight week, selling, 99,475 copies). Ludacris‘ ”Word of Mouf” remained at No. 3 (83,275 sold), and Nickelback‘s ”Silver Side Up” held at No. 4 (81,250 units). The only newcomer among the top five was Nas‘ ”Stillmatic,” up four spots from No. 9 (75,175 copies).

Jumping two slots to No. 6 was Pink‘s ”M!ssundaztood,” followed by Ja Rule‘s ”Pain Is Love,” holding at No. 7. Alicia Keys re-entered the top 10, with ”Songs in A Minor” climbing five places to No. 8. Falling four spots were ”NOW That’s What I Call Music! Vol. 8” (No. 9) and Enya‘s ”A Day Without Rain” (No. 10)….

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