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Carrie’s breakup was sad but inevitable

You had to respect the ”Are we just programmed?” theme of last night’s exceptional episode. Between Carrie’s breakup, Miranda’s faked sonogram, Charlotte’s nervous breakdown during ”Tea for Two,” and Samantha’s bathroom bawdiness with a gossip columnist, those 23 minutes gave new meaning to alternative programming.

Even so, didn’t you just want to crawl into the TV set and knock some sense into Carrie? You could practically hear hearts breaking in all HBO-wired homes across the country during that last scene ”on the other side of the wall.” Still, as with most break-ups, you sort of know it’s for the best. The guy said ”Maui’d” for God’s sake. Face it: Carrie doesn’t do ”Maui’d.” Nor does she do KFC, dogs, or rustic country homes. She just came to terms with that a lot quicker than we did.

Of course, we came to terms with Miranda’s pregnancy a lot sooner than she did. Every story about Miranda expecting involved the downside of having a baby and ignored all the positives. Those two or three seconds when Miranda felt the kick could easily have been left on the cutting room floor, but they gave the episode — and Miranda — an instant heart. Now, it’s time for a visit from Steve. He’d be a hilariously overexcited foil to Miranda’s reserved lawyerly nature.

Meanwhile, Sam’s heart went through some serious turmoil this week. Oh, that Richard is a tricky Dick. He’s so suave and loving and gentle and sort of destined to break Samantha’s heart. (Canoodling with Judith McBain?) But, of course, most of the fault must lie with Samantha, who did a rebound with a guy unworthy of even looking at her… and just when Richard was about to give monogamy a chance! Well, there may be hope for them yet.

Charlotte, on the other hand, is definitely teetering. Her ”I deserve a real partner and this song is abusive and hurtful!” speech during tap class was the perfect Charlotte meltdown. Now that she’s tapped into her pain, hopefully some new man will dance into her life. Perhaps some bad-boy artist in touch with his emotions who forces Charlotte to address hers? One thing’s for sure: Next week’s gonna be a whole new ball game. Aiden, Trey, and maybe even Richard could be out of the starting lineup. In other words, bring on the rookies!

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