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Bush, Gavin Rossdale
Credit: Bush: Theodore Wood/Camera Press/Retna

SOUND BITES Cold weather and heightened security concerns haven’t stopped several artists from announcing winter concert tours. Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, who recently became engaged to No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, is leading his band on a monthlong U.S. tour starting Feb. 28 in Denver to support their latest album ”Golden State,” and he says he’s undeterred by post-Sept. 11 anxiety. ”I refuse to let it change the way we travel,” he tells ”You have to stand up to this, and you can’t…. Gwen is worried about this stuff, and, really, we’ve had a couple of moments where she’s just been pretty tearful about it and, like, what’s going to happen. I’m like, ‘Whatever is going to happen, you’re not changing it. You’re not affecting it.”’

Besides Bush, Kid Rock is touring behind ”Cocky,” starting Feb. 22 in Saginaw, Mich., and going through May. Busta Rhymes will be passing the Courvoisier backstage when he starts a 30-date tour in Worcester, Mass., on Jan. 25 to promote his ”Genesis” CD. Michelle Branch will try to go ”Everywhere” in a month on a club tour that launches Feb. 6 in San Francisco.

CURTAIN CALL It worked for Abba, so why not Bruce Springsteen? In the works is a rock opera called ”Drive All Night,” created by Darell Larson and Stephanie Kerley-Schwartz, telling the story of a blue-collar guy named Eddie entirely through the lyrics of dozens of songs from the Springsteen catalog, much as the current Broadway hit ”Mamma Mia” is built around old Abba tunes. Larson, Kerley-Schwartz, and New York’s Culture Project will do a read-through for the Boss himself in March, and if he approves, the show could be born to run on Broadway.

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