“We’re going to have to ice-skate home. Hell just froze over.” Miranda (CYNTHIA NIXON), after she learned Samantha (KIM CATTRALL) had feelings for a man, on Sex and the City

“This is ridiculous. I feel like John Lithgow in The World According to Garp.” Ellen (ELLEN DEGENERES), dressed in pearls and a skirt, on The Ellen Show

“I’ve gotta keep shifting. My ass is so asleep, it’s dreaming.” Doug (KEVIN JAMES), at a picnic, on The King of Queens

“You know, apologizing to people comes a lot easier to me than thanking them.” LARRY DAVID, accepting the Best Comedy Series award for Curb Your Enthusiasm, on The AFI Awards

“George Lucas is giving the band ‘N Sync cameos in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Apparently Lucas cast ‘N Sync because he wanted C-3PO to look less gay.” CONAN O’BRIEN on Late Night

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