Former Playmate Jenny McCarthy has heard her share
Jenny McCarthy
Credit: Jenny McCarthy: Andrea Renault/Globe Photos

BURT REYNOLDS ”I’m too old for pickup lines. Now I just ask them to help pick me up.”

CAROLINE RHEA ”Instead of buying me a drink, this guy offered me a sip of his. Talk about a fear of commitment.”

RAY ROMANO ”I went up to a girl in a bar once and asked her where she was from. I guess she wasn’t interested, because she said, ‘Mars.’ So I said, ‘You need a ride home?”’

ORLANDO JONES (”The Time Machine”) ”’What say we get some pizza and maybe get laid? What, you don’t like pizza?”’

JENNY McCARTHY ”’Is that a mirror in your underpants? Because I can see myself in ’em.”’

SCOTT CAAN (”Ocean’s Eleven”) ”I lick my finger, touch the girl’s clothes, and say, ‘Better get you out of these wet clothes.”’

JUSTIN BERFIELD (”Malcolm in the Middle”) ”I just walk up and say, ‘Hello, my name is Justin,’ and I get the number.”

LANCE BASS ”’Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to pass by again?”’