Q In the Jan. 13 episode of Sex and the City, John Corbett seems surprised by fiancee Sarah Jessica Parker’s decision to wear her engagement ring on a chain around her neck. Is her choice a (gasp!) fashion faux pas?

A Carrie on: ”As etiquette does not receive a cut from the jewelry business,” rules Judith Martin (a.k.a. Miss Manners), ”it does not even require a ring to seal an engagement and has no objection if the young lady wishes to swallow it in order to keep it nearer to her liver.” Traditionally, brides-to-be wear their diamonds on their left ring finger as — goes the legend — a vein there leads directly to the heart (in fact, all veins do). But Modern Bride editor Antonia van der Meer predicts: ”She will want to wear it on her hand — because it’s so easy.”

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