He disses Brandon, explains why Lex was a tough foe, and ponders battling Richard Hatch in a future ''Survivor'' installment
Ethan Zohn
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Who would have thought a curly-haired, introverted soccer player would take home the cash? Okay, we did. But we also thought that after winning, he would be Mr. Diplomat and say only nice things about his former Africa-mates (not true!). EW.com caught up with new millionaire Ethan Zohn just days after America watched his triumph to see how he really feels.

So, Ethan, I knew you’d win from day one — and I even got $100 out of it.
Oh, yeah? That’s probably what I’ll get, too, after taxes, so we’re in the same boat.

Did you kind of know you had it when you saw everyone you’d be playing against?
The competitive side of me was like, Yeah! I knew it wasn’t going to be a cakewalk, but I saw Tom, who was this big, fat guy, and Lex, who was this skinny little tattoed guy. The women I wasn’t concerned about. I wasn’t cocky or anything, because that’s not in my nature, but I was confident. You have to have confidence to go into a game like this.

Was there a challenge you liked most?
I liked the one that I won — when I had to flip those little things into the basket. I liked weird stuff like that. I was pretty pissed off when Lex won the one with the car. It wasn’t necessarily about the car, but it was the whole Colby thing. Lex had five good meals and four days out of camp away from everyone else.

Once it was down to you and Big Kim, did you know you had it?
No way. I replayed it in my head all the time. Every day I thought I could have won a million dollars or I could be a big, fat loser. It wasn’t until I saw my name on that last card that I knew.

I think Big Kim pulled a Colby. She would have won against Lex.
I disagree with you totally. If you go over it in your head, Lex would have won because I would have voted for him, and so would Tom, Frank, and Brandon.

What about if it had come down to you and Lex?
It would have been a tough call. I’d like to think I would have won, but he played the game well. It would have been close.

After you came home from Africa, did you try to get everyone to reveal who they voted for?
No, we weren’t allowed to talk about it. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to. I just tried to put it out of my head. When I talked to people, it was more about what they did over the weekend or how their family was.

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