Tender reconciliations reunite three couples, while Miranda continues to sink into the pregnancy blahs, says Jessica Shaw
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Aidan and Trey are redeemed

Sometimes you have to wonder if ”Sex and the City” is really a show about gay men in disguise. Almost every gay man I know thinks so. Case in point: On Sunday night’s episode, there was enough clubbing, Pastis bonding, porn, and out-ing going on to make ”Queer as Folk” seem like an after-school special.

Gay men, straight women, who cares? The episode was deliciously crude while being one of the more tender shows in recent memory. I’m not proud of this, but I actually cried twice while watching, and don’t even pretend you didn’t when Trey showed up for the House and Garden shoot.

Last week, there was a little too much ”girls are good and boys are bad” going on. This week, the complexities of falling in and out of love were heartbreakingly true to life. Just when Charlotte was washing that WASP right out of her hair, he goes and does something incredibly considerate and kind. Just when Carrie and Aiden were headed for break-up land, her realization that she might actually have a good thing has given their relationship new life. Mind you, I don’t think Trey or Aiden will be around at the season finale, but it’s nice to see marriage and engagement breakups get more than one episode.

It’s also nice to see the Samantha-Richard union take on such a surprising twist with the ”I love you” confession from an ecstasy-loaded Sam. The moment of naked truth was all the sweeter after Sam began the episode by barking at Richard (who called late), ”Well, it’s about f–king time. Get over here and do me.” What could be more delightful to watch than an insecure Samantha trying to understand this new emotion she’s feeling.

Once again, I have to say I wish Miranda would stop being the poster girl for ”I’m pregnant so my life is over.” She’s sleeping at 7 p.m. and can’t cope with anyone at her office knowing she’s going to have a child? It screams MALE PERSPECTIVE ON PREGNANCY to me. Miranda, embrace your inner Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson, and Jada Pinkett Smith! Be a sexy, fabulous, self-assured pregnant woman, not a whiny, overwrought sad sack. At least the first trimester will be over soon.

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