Gwyneth Paltrow, Patrick Stewart, and a host of celebrities share their New Years resolutions

JIM CARREY (The Majestic) ”I’ve already quit everything. There’s nothing left but food.”

KATE BECKINSALE (Serendipity) “Stop yelling at my boyfriend.”

JERRY STILLER (The King of Queens) ”Now that my son is going to be a father, I too want to become a father again and will use a clone if necessary.”

COURTNEY LOVE ”To start chanting every day. I’m a sort of Buddhist-Scientologist-Christian.”

RICHARD SCHIFF (The West Wing) ”If Allison Janney‘s wearing high heels, I resolve to wear stilts.”

BILLY CRUDUP (Charlotte Gray) ”I can’t keep New Year’s resolutions. I got into acting because I can only focus for three months.”

JILL SCOTT “I’d like to eat more chicken.”

MATTHEW PERRY ”I’d say quit smoking, but I won’t. So I’m just going to continue on this nice, healthy path I’m on.”

PATRICK STEWART ”I’m going to learn how to cook. I can only open a can of soup.”

GWYNETH PALTROW ”I don’t have any projects lined up, and I don’t plan to. So just rest.”

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (‘N Sync) ”To find a resolution that goes past January.”

CAROLINE RHEA ”To start weighing myself in kilograms because it’s less depressing.”

BILLY GILMAN “To try to finish all the Harry Potter books.”

CASEY AFFLECK (Ocean’s Eleven) ”To do Ocean’s Eleven 2, but it would probably just be me and Don Cheadle.”

GARY SINISE (Impostor) ”To stop bugging my kids about brushing their teeth.”

CARROT TOP ”To get back together with Britney. It’s time to put our differences aside.”

NELLY “To try to get out of bed before 11.”

ANJELICA HUSTON ”Dressing up more and going out on the town.”

SHANNEN DOHERTY “I’ll be working on my personal life.”

RODNEY DANGERFIELD “To just make it through the year.”