The "Mr. Deeds" actress gets caught shoplifting at Saks Fifth Avenue. Can her career recover?

That rock-star-boyfriend thing may not be Winona Ryder‘s only compulsion. On Dec. 12, security personnel at the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue spotted the star of such recent misfires as Lost Souls allegedly shoplifting $4,760 worth of goods—including, according to sources at Saks, pricey hair clips, Judith Leiber handbags, and clothing.

Ryder, 30, who recently finished next summer’s Adam Sandler comedy Deeds, was booked on suspicion of felony grand theft and possession of a pharmaceutical without a prescription. Police tell EW that the two-time Oscar nominee, who is due in court Jan. 11, was ”not observed to be under the influence” of drugs or alcohol at her arrest. Her lawyer Mark Geragos insists, ”The facts will… show that she’s not guilty of any kind of theft whatsoever.” He adds that Ryder had a prescription for the unidentified drug and denies that she was caught with a device for removing security tags.

But a Saks source alleges that Ryder had a pair of scissors instead: ”They have her on [a security] tape cutting the sensor, and she cut herself. There’s blood stains in the dressing room.” That’s one Ryder video that you won’t see at Blockbuster.