Chuck Taylors are alive and well in rock n' roll

Never mind the Nikes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are the rock & roll sneaker du jour. The funky footwear has recently been spotted on musicians ranging from Mick Jagger and Geddy Lee to Gwen Stefani and Green Day’s Tre Cool. But perhaps the most notable band to jump on the Chucks-wagon are New York City rockers the Strokes, most of whom are never seen in public sans Cons. ”I pretty much always wear Converse,” says Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi. ”I stick with the Chucks because they always look right.” Converse’s Tish Johnson reports that for their support, the Strokes now receive their sneaks gratis. Not that the kicks are prohibitively priced. At $32 (low-tops) and $34 (high-tops) a pair, any schmo can dress like a rock star.