Readers respond to CGI, Whitney Houston, and "Yes, Dear"

Spoiler sports. That’s what EW readers called us after reading our cover story on Harry Potter (#628, Nov. 30). Among the disenchanted, J.D. Ryan of Burbank, Calif., wrote: “You give away the entire twist of Book 3! Did you have to go this far?” Downey K. Beer of Stonewood, W.Va., asks, “How dare you? The fun and magic of the Potter series is discovering secrets along the way.” Interestingly, Michael Jacot from East Tawas, Mich., believes there weren’t enough secrets in our News & Notes piece about CGI. “Controversy over CGI is a nonissue,” he writes. “Filmmakers have used spe- cial effects to enhance actors’ appearances from day one. Why not accept CGI as the latest breakthrough?”

Deconstructing ‘Harry’

I enjoyed your spread on all things Potter, but I have one bone to pick. You revealed the secret of Scabbers in the ”Magic Lessons” sidebar! It’s the most shocking twist of the series, and that paragraph gives it away. I had to hide the issue from my best friend, who hasn’t finished Book 3 yet…. Shame on the Muggles who let this happen!
Royal Oak, Mich.

What? No swearing? No nudity? No on-screen sex? Filmmakers stayed true to the book? And it’s breaking records! Take note, Hollywood.
Adrian, Mich.

I was beginning to think I was the only person who didn’t care about Harry Potter. But I was so relieved when I received the issue with Potter star Daniel Radcliffe rolling his eyes at the hoopla now centered on him. Harry Potter will soon be forgotten, and then we can all focus our attention on things that really matter in life, like The Lord of the Rings.
Williston Park, N.Y.

Treat the Parents

As much as my wife and I would like to review everything coming out of movie and recording studios that our girls are drawn to, we don’t have the time. Yet, as concerned parents, we need to get up to speed on these things. We are writing to tell you how much we appreciated your picks and reviews (Parents’ Guide). Choosing what movies to take them to or which CDs to buy them over the holidays will be much easier now. Keep up the good work! We, the time- and schedule-challenged parents out there, need you!
Worcester, Mass.

Strokes of Genius

I found Kelly Choi and Nicholas Fonseca’s view on CGI in ”Brush Jobs” to be a bit unsettling. I couldn’t help but see the writers trying to put a negative spin on the article. CGI is a new tool, a medium in which to create art, and manipulate it—as photography has done for years. CGI is available for anybody wanting to take advantage of its infinite possibilities. If the technology is there to manipulate the physical image into that of the artist’s original internal vision, why not use it?
Potsdam, Germany

The Skinny on Whitney

Kudos to Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet mention of Whitney Houston and the media’s obsession with her weight. It’s amusing to read all of these rumors and accusations about Whitney when they are so obviously false. In times like these, I recommend the media take a listen to the Whitney Houston/Missy Elliott collaboration, ”In My Business.” The song ends with a line that is perfect for this occasion: ”Why y’all in my business? Get a job.”
Beaumont, Tex.

Just Say ‘Yes’

Stop scratching your heads over the success of Yes, Dear (Biz). Critics have called it dull and formulaic, but to the viewing public, a likable cast goes a long way. Anthony Clark is a perfect sitcom Everyman, Mike O’Malley is the prototypical deadbeat brother-in-law, Liza Snyder proves that the wife holds the power, and Jean Louisa Kelly is cute as a button. All four of these stars were the best part of their failed former shows. So when you critics wonder why your bad reviews are being ignored, give the cast a little credit!
St. Evansville, Ind.