Redman, Method Man, ...
Credit: How High

You buy a ticket to How High—a FUBU’d stoner comedy starring blunt-talking, blunt-toking rappers Method Man and Redman as a couple of brothers who tear up the ivy at Harvard University—and you get what you pay for: a mad, mangy string of weed-high jokes at the expense of absolutely everyone, including the rappers’ own damn selves. The kick to this goof, from acolytes who have studied the oeuvre of Cheech & Chong, is that pot is the fortifier that allowed Silas (Method Man) and Jamal (Redman) to ace their way into college in the first place.

There’s a fair amount of ”best watched after inhaling” sloppiness to Jesse Dylan’s direction of a screenplay by Dustin Lee Abraham. But there’s also enough cheery mockery to amuse even non-tokers. Obba Babatundé goes nicely apoplectic as a prissy dean (named Dean Cain). And among the hipster old white guys taking the rap for their race, Spalding Gray is particularly avant-garde as a professor of black studies. C+

How High
  • Movie
  • 96 minutes