Nike just did it; Carrot Top didn't
Carrot Top


Volkswagen’s ”Tree” The VW GTI unexpectedly plummeting from the branches was a love letter to anyone who’s ever lost a Frisbee.

Lipton Sizzle & Stir Your worst next-door nightmare would be the Chuck Woolery, Sally Jessy Raphaël, Little Richard, and Pat Morita brood, but they’re the year’s funniest family.

”The New York Miracle” Woody Allen, Henry Kissinger, and Barbara Walters are pitch perfect in these whimsical Big Apple boosters.

The Gap’s ”Gifted Mix” (”Give a Little Bit”) Sure, these ads are the gravestone over the ”Real musicians don’t sell out” dictum, but they’re damn catchy with their minimalism and star wattage.

Nike’s ”Tag” The city as the world’s biggest playground managed to be both vaguely ominous and every grown-up’s recess fantasy.


Carrot Top for 1-800-CALL-ATT Just when you thought collect-call ads had exhausted the supply of annoying pitchmen, they’ve somehow managed to find one even worse.

The Chicken Man for McDonald’s This manic, unfunny Tom Green-without-the-poo-fetish mascot could turn more people off poultry than salmonella.

Britney Spears for Pepsi Not just an assault on the senses, but a kick in the crotch to Bob ”Viagra + jailbait = true love!” Dole’s respectability.

Mitsubishi’s ”One Week” Sing-a-Long Drivers mess up the lyrics to a three-year-old Barenaked Ladies song: Who are they targeting, karaoke-aficionados deliverymen?

Levi’s Singing Belly Buttons Some body parts just weren’t meant to sing.