''Harry Potter'''s Hermione talks about her sudden fame
Emma Watson, Harry Potter
Credit: Emma Watson: Peter Mountain

AGE 11
MOMENT OF ARRIVAL She’s the bossy but lovable Hermione Granger in ”Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” But we like to think of her as the Peggy Lipton of the film’s enchanted mod squad.
HOW SHE GOT THE PART Casting agents combed England for new talent, eventually popping up at Watson’s Oxfordshire school. ”I had never done any professional acting before, [so] I didn’t know what it was like to audition or anything. When I got the part, that was the biggest shock ever.”
PRE-”POTTER” PROJECTS Roles in school plays, her favorite being King Arthur’s evil sister, Morgan Le Fay — who just happens to be a witch.
HER…ME…O…WHAT? ”This REALLY bugs me!” says Watson of her character’s unusual name. ”I go around saying, ‘Everyone repeat it with me: Her-MY-oh-nee,’ because everyone says Her-my-WON, Her-my-OWN.”
TOY STORY The Hermione action figure may have sold out before you could say ”Alohomora,” but Watson doesn’t feel like a hero: ”It’s weird to think that toddlers all around the world will be playing with me.”
WHAT FAME HAS BROUGHT ”Some great friends,” says Watson, but home life hasn’t changed. ”I still have to make my bed.”
WHAT’S NEXT Turning into a cat in ”Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” in production.