Up on Tom and 'Harry,' among other '01 doings? We'll see.
Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Credit: Harry Potter: Peter Mountain

Think you know everything that happened in the world of pop culture in 2001? Take our entertainment news quiz and see how savvy you really are.

Tom Cruise and Penélope Cruz are dating because:
a. They had an undeniable, magical chemistry on the set of ”Vanilla Sky.”
b. Nicole is 5′ 10”. Penélope is 5′ 5”. Tom is 5′ 9”. You do the math.
c. Pretty people like other pretty people.
d. A last-name homonym truly is nature’s aphrodisiac.

Why won’t ”Harry Potter” break ”Titanic”’s domestic B.O. record?
a. Increased marketplace competition, limited repeat business, a more narrow demographic appeal, etc.
b. The movie contains awkward terms like Muggle and Nimbus 2000.
c. Actor Daniel Radcliffe is too busy subbing in for ”Weakest Link” host Anne Robinson to make critical ”Potter” publicity appearances.
d. All the sizzling CGI ”magic wand” sex scenes were edited out.

”Friends” currently beats ”Survivor” in the ratings because:
a. The new tribe members are underwhelming, hateful people.
b. Paired with ”Inside Schwartz,” ”Friends” suddenly looks funnier than ever.
c. That whole Rachel-is-carrying-Jeff-Probst’s-baby story line was a stroke of genius!
d. ”Pop Stars 2” and ”Whose Line Is It Anyway” certainly weren’t getting the freakin’ job done, were they?

How is Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight spending his days after serving a five-year prison sentence for a probation violation of his 1992 assault conviction?
a. Producing more very, very good albums.
b. (This joke has been withheld for our protection.)
c. (This joke has been withheld for our protection.)
d. (This joke has been withheld for our protection.)

Why was ”Temptation Island” 2 such a huge bomb after a hit first season?
a. The reality-TV genre became oversaturated.
b. There are only so many hot chicks in bikinis that a man can take.
c. No male contestants were named Kaya this time around.
d. Viewers suddenly took off their shades and realized that host Mark L. Walberg was not the Mark Wahlberg, nor associated with any Funky Bunch whatsoever.

What is new Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera hoping to find in Afghanistan?
a. The truth about the war — at any cost.
b. Ummm…attention?
c. A hot ”sweeps event” with MSNBC’s Ashleigh Banfield.
d. A secret treasure buried in bin Laden’s caves to be revealed LIVE! TONIGHT! ON FOX!