What caused them, where they went to mend, and who had the best fun at their expense
Mariah Carey
Credit: Mariah Carey: Kevin Winter/Image Direct

It must have something to do with spending so much time on the San Andreas Fault. Although the double plagues of ”dehydration” and ”exhaustion” weren’t quite as prevalent in 2001, the past year still proved that many seemingly well-adjusted Hollywood movers and shakers weren’t quite the models of stability we thought they were.

PROBLEM ”Extreme exhaustion”
SIGNS OF DISTRESS ”All I really want is to just be me,” she ranted on her website.
ROUTE TO RECOVERY After a brief stay at Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut, she took a breather at the Bacara spa in Santa Barbara.
best zinger From Jay Leno: ”Mariah Carey says she believes there is an orchestrated conspiracy by a large number of people to keep her career and her record sales down. I think that’s called the public.”

PROBLEM Reportedly Vicodin, methadone, speed, and alcohol
SIGNS OF DISTRESS Leaving the Dallas set of ”Servicing Sara” on a private jet (where he allegedly chain-smoked the entire trip) so his father could check him into rehab.
ROUTE TO RECOVERY Though he spent time at Minnesota’s Hazelden clinic, he opted for Marina del Rey’s Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital this time.
BEST ZINGER We wouldn’t dream of zinging the king of the zingers.