By Josh Wolk
Updated December 21, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST


— VOLKSWAGEN’S ”TREE” The VW GTI unexpectedly plummeting from the branches was a love letter to anyone who’s ever lost a Frisbee.

— LIPTON SIZZLE & STIR Your worst next-door nightmare would be the Chuck Woolery, Sally Jessy Raphael, Little Richard, and Pat Morita brood, but they’re the year’s funniest family.

— ”THE NEW YORK MIRACLE” Woody Allen, Henry Kissinger, and Barbara Walters are pitch perfect in these whimsical Big Apple boosters.

— THE GAP’S ”GIFTED MIX” (”GIVE A LITTLE BIT”) Sure, these ads are the gravestone over the ”Real musicians don’t sell out” dictum, but they’re damn catchy with their minimalism and star wattage.

— NIKE’S ”TAG” The city as the world’s biggest playground managed to be both vaguely ominous and every grown-up’s recess fantasy.


— CARROT TOP FOR 1-800-CALL-ATT Just when you thought collect-call ads had exhausted the supply of annoying pitchmen, they’ve somehow managed to find one even worse.

— THE CHICKEN MAN FOR MCDONALD’S This manic, unfunny Tom Green-without-the-poo-fetish mascot could turn more people off poultry than salmonella.

— BRITNEY SPEARS FOR PEPSI Not just an assault on the senses, but a kick in the crotch to Bob ”Viagra + jailbait = true love!” Dole’s respectability.

— MITSUBISHI’s ”ONE WEEK” sing-a-long Drivers mess up the lyrics to a three-year-old Barenaked Ladies song: Who are they targeting, karaoke-aficionado deliverymen?

— LEVI’S SINGING BELLY BUTTONS Some body parts just weren’t meant to sing.