After a union of less than a year, neither star is saying what went wrong
Tom Green, Drew Barrymore
Credit: Tom Green and Drew Barrymore: Gary Lewis/ZUMA Press

Drew Barrymore won’t be riding in cars with Tom Green anytime soon. Green, 30, filed for a divorce from Barrymore, 26, on Monday, in a move that will end a union that began in either March or July (they announced it twice — it was that kind of marriage). ”Drew is a wonderful woman,” Green said in an uncharacteristically sober statement. ”I love her very much — I wish our marriage could have worked out. I wish her much happiness.” (Barrymore’s publicist declined comment.) The divorce papers cite only ”irreconcilable differences,” according to wire service reports.

Green and Barrymore met on the set of last year’s ”Charlie’s Angels” and were living together in Los Angeles this February when a fire gutted their home. (They escaped after their dog reportedly banged on their bedroom door.) Just this summer, the pair still shared their idiosyncratic sense of humor. A glimpse of their domestic life: ”The other night, there was a rat in our bed, but Tom caught it in the blanket and made me touch the lump,” Barrymore told EW in June. ”It was hard, so I started screaming. He had it trapped and told me to run and get the trash can. As he was trying to shove the lump in the trash, I realized, of course, there was no rat. He was just making it all up.”

Green brought his particular brand of animal-centric humor to the world at large in this year’s critical and commercial flop ”Freddy Got Fingered,” which he wrote and directed (with a Barrymore cameo), while Drew last appeared in ”Riding In Cars With Boys” and ”’Donnie Darko,” neither of which included a Green appearance.