Here's a spoiler-free sneak preview of Elijah Wood's feet, Cate Blanchett's screen time, and Elvish (the language, that is)
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Credit: Lord of the Rings: Pierre Vinet

”Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” doesn’t open until Wednesday, Dec. 19, but fans of the book are fairly bursting to know: How true is the movie to original Tolkien tome? answers a few burning questions — without giving anything away.

Do the characters ever speak in their native languages, as they do in the book?
Jackson includes small quanitities of tongue-tripping Elvish, accurately pronounced thanks to Tolkein experts. (Subtitles provided for those of us whose Elvish has gone a bit rusty.)

Elijah Wood seems a tad tall for a hobbit. Will Tolkein’s heroes still be furry-toed, chubby, and short?
Wood IS a bit lean for a Hobbit, but CGI as well as some creative camera angles shrink him and his fellow Shire dwellers down to size without forcing them to walk on their knees. And never fear, even female Hobbits sport enormous, furry prosthetic feet.

Which characters from the book didn’t make the cut?
Fatty Bolger, Glorfindel, and Tom Bombadil are a few that got lost in cinematic translation.

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