The latest ''Survivor'' castoff reflects on life in Africa with Kelly, Kim, Frank, and Tom
Brandon Quinton, Survivor: Africa
Credit: Brandon Quinton: Monty Brinton/CBS

Brandon clearly didn’t take in the cardinal rule of ”Survivor”: One must not attempt to play both sides so early in the game. Just one episode after he betrayed his alliance, he got the boot. Still, when he talked to, the tank-top-sporting contestant didn’t seem to have any regrets.

Did you know you were getting kicked off?
I kind of knew I was going. I think I got too smart for my own good at the end. The day after I voted Kelly off I thought I was being really smart, but the next day little Kim was so upset. On the way to tribal council, Lex turned around and said he thought it was going to be Frank. I was like, ”Wait. I’m ready to go now. I want food!”

But after you got kicked off, the only person you could hang with was Kelly. Was that tense?
No, I lied and told her it was Frank who voted her off. Then two weeks before the show, I called her and said, ”By the way, I voted you off.” She called me some dirty names and then was like, ”Okay, talk to you later. Bye.”

What did you do after getting kicked off?
We sat and drank and lay by the pool. We had our own chef, our own bungalows that looked out, and we could see animal migrations. We had these amazing picnic lunches. We would go places in one jeep and the Kenyan army would be in a jeep behind us.

Even though that sounds fabulous, do you regret how you played?
No, I think I played really well. Kelly was a lot smarter than Lex, and I saw her as the biggest personal threat down the road. I had no idea that Kim would take it personally, and I needed Kim for my alliance to go all the way.

Did you just never speak to her again?
No, we’re cool now. We both went and stayed with Kelly for a week a few weeks ago. I’m in touch with everybody. A few days ago I had breakfast with Ethan and Kim. Ethan and his friends took me out until 4 a.m.

So you even talk to Frank?
I didn’t like Frank at all until I got home. After we were back for a little while Frank called and put his girls on the phone to say hi to me. I guess he’s only really in his element at home.

What was the deal with you and Frank? Was he homophobic?
Well, most of the problems happened in those first few days, and Carl definitely helped in Frank and me not getting along. I mean, you can take name calling with a smile from Big Tom and get him back later, but with Frank, even when he thought he was being funny, he wasn’t. He didn’t really have a sense of humor.

But you guys kicked butt during that obstacle course challenge?
In a perfect world it would have been Kim and me as teammates, but I knew when I got Frank that we’d win. Everyone thought I was unathletic, but they underestimated me.

Lex seems kind of lame on the show. Why did you abandon your initial plan for him?
Lex got very paranoid out there. I made him believe Kelly cast the vote against him and I played into his paranoia. He was really easy to manipulate because I knew all his insecurities, so I thought he would be easy to get rid of.

What are you up to now?
I’m going to go back to work in my bar for a couple of weekends and then I’m going to take some time off and travel around and just have a good time. I’d never been to New York so [being here] has been great. We saw ”Cabaret.” We went to the top of the Empire State Building. A little group of tourists recognized me on the subway.

One final question: Did you get to see Silas naked?
Yes, I did. We were at the same camp so when we went to the bathroom…you know. But you should ask other people if they got to see me naked. I don’t carry around a Bible with me. That makes me much more attractive.

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