Britney, Madonna, Halle Berry -- Jessica Shaw explains which of 2001's most familiar faces wore out their welcome
Credit: Madonna: Jeffrey Mayer/

In pop culture, there’s a fine line between omnipresence and overexposure, and it can turn in seconds. One day you’re it and the next you’re sh–… well, you get the idea. There are some people we just can’t get enough of (Owen Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Jules Asner) and some we just can’t get to go away (David Arquette, Tara Reid, Jennifer Love Hewitt). Over the past year, several people have straddled this fine line, and we’re here to determine where they ended up.

Madonna Madonna has gone back and forth so many times between overexposure and mysterious invisibility, between craving the spotlight and shunning it, it’s a wonder she’s not completely schizophrenic. This year, the newly married 43-year-old mother of two started off keeping a healthy distance from oversaturation. Sure, the Drowned World Tour was everywhere in the world, not to mention in our homes when HBO aired it live. Some of her choices earlier this year were interesting, if not odd. She starred in hubby Guy Ritchie’s short film for BMW and sold the rights to ”Ray of Light” to Microsoft to be used in their commercials. She signed on to star in Ritchie’s ”Love, Sex, Drugs, and Money,” and she auctioned off handwritten lyrics and a rejection note from a record company written back in 1981 at Sotheby’s. Sadly, the Material Mom ended the year by exposing a little more than we wanted to see: Why did she have to release a cheesy second greatest hits album? And just when she was starting to be truly respected, why did she have to spew profanities at an art ceremony at London’s Tate Museum? That wasn’t exactly music to our ears.
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