The Cadillac SUV gets some support by rappers and celebrity-owners of the car

J. Lo sang about it in ”Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” It was featured on MTV’s Cribs, and Ben Affleck recently took one home. It’s the Cadillac Escalade, the hulking SUV that has shifted the car manufacturer’s image from fuddy-duddy to bling-bling. More than 75,000 vehicles—each of which retails for more than 50 grand—have been sold since the model’s launch in 1998. But the pop-culture shout-outs are just beginning. OutKast, Busta Rhymes, and Jay-Z have all mentioned the car in songs, while some of the newest Escalade owners include Calista Flockhart, Bruce Willis, and Pink. ”I’m surprised by the number of younger buyers that are attracted to the Escalade,” says Cadillac spokesperson Susan Docherty, who adds that traditionally, Caddie buyers are in their early 60s. ”[But] the world is not about what older people think; it’s about what younger people do.” And drive.