What the country is talking about this week...

1 OCEAN’S ELEVEN George Clooney plans to rob three Las Vegas casinos in one night. If he’s smart enough to do that, can’t he get a real job?

2 BEST OF 2001 LISTS Best is an evolving word. Now it means something between average and didn’t suck.

3 THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING Warm, fuzzy little hobbits must fight a deadly battle against the world’s most powerful wizard. Harry Potter.

4 VANILLA SKY While making this film, Tom Cruise fell for costar Penélope Cruz. Isn’t that how he meets all his wives?

5 ALI A film bio of the boxing champ/poet/Muslim convert/draft protester/civil rights activist. And this is just Part 1.

6 ELTON JOHN He says his latest album will be his last. He’s getting out while he’s still young enough to milk many, many comeback albums.

7 SHOPPING DAYS How many ”putting it in the bank and saving it” days are left?

8 GILLIAN ANDERSON She’ll leave The X-Files after next year. Surprising people who didn’t realize it was still on the air.

9 THE YULE LOG A New York City TV station will show pictures of a lit fireplace for two hours on Christmas morning. I turned the sound way up, but it still feels cold.

10 ELIZABETH HURLEY Producer Steve Bing says he doesn’t know if he’s the father of her child. That’s what she liked most about him—his chivalry.

11 SEGWAY HUMAN TRANSPORTER They say the little electric-powered scooter will replace cars in the city. Especially on cold, snowy days.

12 GERALDO The brand-new Afghanistan war reporter says he wears a side arm for protection. From other reporters.

13 MARK WAHLBERG Claiming the actor beat him up, a former bodyguard is suing him for $2 million. So he can afford his own bodyguard.

14 U2 They’ll play at the Super Bowl. But who’s going to sit through half of some football game just to see them?

15 MTV/USO SPECIAL Kid Rock and Ja Rule are going overseas to entertain the troops. They need a good laugh.