Bliss spa offers up the "Hangover Herbie" for those painful morning afters

‘Tis definitely the season for having a few too many cocktails while you’re out a few hours too late at a few too many parties. But Bliss spa founder Marcia Kilgore has got the cure for holiday excess: a 75-minute, 100[pound] treatment, the ”Hangover Herbie,” available at London’s new Bliss spa ( The treatment, which may soon be available at Bliss Stateside, includes an essential oil rub-on, complexion cleansing, foot massage, antimigraine massage, oxygen spray, and an electrolyte-boosting drink. It was created ”to satisfy the ongoing need for post-party detoxification and pampering,” says Kilgore. ”It seems that our British Blissers have a higher per capita consumption of bubbly and beer. We thought it was our duty to address their needs ‘the day after.”’ Somewhere, Bridget Jones is smirking.