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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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HEALTH WATCH First Steven Spielberg, now Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 54-year-old action hero fractured several ribs in a motorcycle accident Sunday afternoon and was treated at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. He was expected to return home shortly and still planned to ski with his family on their annual Christmas vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho. ”So as only Arnold could say, he’ll be back,” his spokeswoman said. Um, maybe only Arnold should say it.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. won the bidding competition among several of the major studios for the rights to distribute ”Terminator 3,” which is being financed by Intermedia for some $160 million, including an unprecedented $30 million for Schwarzenegger. So at least his wallet is healthy….

Drew Carey calls it the ”Taunt the Reaper” plan — the beer, cholesterol, and armchair regimen that led to his recent angioplasty. ”Eat all you want, drink all you want and still live well into your early 40s,” he writes in the new issue of Maxim magazine. ”Thanks to modern medical marvels, you can live as lazy a lifestyle as you please and at the first sign of trouble get yourself rehabbed at the hospital like an old Chevy without losing your place in line at the buffet.” As for exercise, the comic writes, ”Gather every piece of athletic equipment you own, put them all in a garbage can. Then tip the garbage can over and roll it down the street into a police cruiser. Finally, order up a Meat Lover’s pizza, grab a couple of six packs and sit around until you pass out.”

REEL DEALS Like lots of people these days, Tom Hanks is spending more time than expected in airports. He’ll star in the drama ”Terminal,” playing a Balkan immigrant who takes up permanent residence in a U.S. airport lounge due to visa difficulties. (Guess Robin Williams figured he’d been there, done that in ”Moscow on the Hudson.”)…

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