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Jennifer Lopez
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SOUND BITES Even on a goodwill tour, performing for the troops on behalf of the USO, is Jennifer Lopez still acting like a diva? She performed at a U.S. military base in Ramstein, Germany on Saturday with Kid Rock and Ja Rule, with MTV cameras following the trio around the base for days to tape a special that will air Jan. 1. But while Kid Rock and Ja Rule reportedly spent those days hanging out with soldiers, Lopez secluded herself. ”I don’t want to name any names, but other celebrities didn’t want to get off the bus until the cameras were on and the lights shining,” Airman First Class Julie Stulz told Reuters. ”She’s here to do this show and that’s it, she’s outta here,” said Airman First Class Keith Locke. Still, her performance, inside a hangar on the base, reportedly had soldiers dancing on top of tanks and planes.

By the way, Kid Rock’s guitar, a Gibson custom-painted in a stars-and-stripes design, is missing and presumed stolen. He packed the guitar, which he hoped to play in concert for the first time at the USO show, when he left Michigan, but it was gone by the time he went through customs in Germany. Also missing is a guitar strap embroidered with rhinestones that spell out ”ROCK.” ”I just want to get it back,” Kid said of the guitar. If you find it, he says, please call Atlantic Records….

In advising the entertainment industry’s war effort, the White House says it’s been reluctant to dictate content. Still, President Bush is urging all radio stations to play ”The Star-Spangled Banner” at 8:48 ET tomorrow morning, at what is the three-month anniversary, to the minute, of the crash of the first plane into the World Trade Center. He’s also urging radio stations worldwide to play their countries’ own national anthems at that time. At least Bush didn’t say that DJs had to play, say, the Whitney Houston rendition and not, say, the Jimi Hendrix version….

Capitalizing on George Harrison‘s posthumous popularity, EMI is rereleasing his 1971 hit ”My Sweet Lord.” EMI says it made the decision in consultation with Harrison’s widow and son, and that proceeds from the single will go to an as-yet-undetermined charity. No word on whether the spiritual tune (it’ll be the original version, not Harrison’s 2000 rerecording) will be out in time for Christmas….

Elton John says he was ”just having a bad day” when he announced at a concert a week ago that he was retiring from recording. ”I love playing so much,” he said. ”I’ll probably make another record.” However, he adds, he’ll probably tour less so that he can spend more time at home with his partner, filmmaker David Furnish….

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